Monster Truck V4 Updates

Monster Truck v4 Updates

We’ve listened to your feedback. The v4 versions of our monster trucks have made significant design improvements over the older versions.

Upgraded Differential

The v4 differential has been strengthened with many features:

  • 12mm thick outdrives (upgraded from 10mm in v3).
  • The ring gear bolts have been changed to an M5 thread, making them less likely to back out.
  • Thicker grease installed by default.
  • Updated differential case and differential bearings to account for the changes.

New Single-Bar Steering System

The new steering system replaces the old steering link system with a single large bar made from aluminum with hardened steel ends. This simplified system has fewer parts to break and is much easier to repair in the case where something does happen.

The steering angle of the wheels has increased shortly. The servo saver has also been shortened in order to provide more steering torque.

New Adjustable Sway Bars

The new sway bars can be adjusted between 3 different stiffness settings. They directly replace the previous sway bars and have a cool, scale look.

Best of all, they are compatible with dual-shock setups and shock reservoirs.

Upgraded Shock Seals

The upgraded shock seals are installed right out of the box. These upgraded seals prevent debris from making its way into the shocks while also preventing oil leaks.

Redesigned Side Plate

The v4 side plate has been modified to make working on the trucks much easier! Accessing the pull start, engine, and electronic components is far simpler, so you can get through any repairs or modifications quickly and spend more time running the truck.

Upgraded Electronics

Many of the electronics have been upgraded for the v4 platform to make them more reliable. Including:

  • Stronger 130kg, aluminum-cased steering servos (up from 100kg)
  • 100kg brake servo (up from 70kg)
  • 8.4v NiMH battery (up from 7.2v)
  • XT60 charging port*
  • 30-Amp power switch
  • A new spark plug boot which helps to reduce servo interference
  • Higher quality wiring

*Note: The XT60 charge port and included wall charger are for NiMH batteries only. Although the v4 trucks are still compatible with 2s LiPO batteries, DO NOT use the charger or charge port for LiPO batteries.

V4 Monster Trucks

Compatible with v3, v2, and v1 Monster Trucks

For all of you who may already have trucks on the older platforms there is great news: All of these v4 upgrades will be available separately and are compatible with v3, v2, and even v1 trucks. You can upgrade any and all parts piecemeal or even all at once if you feel up to the task!