Continuing the tradition of being a genre leader, the pinnacle of fighting games can be found in this mode. With a highly evolved combat system, experience the stunning innovation for yourself. All of the modes found in Street Fighter V can now be found in Fighting Ground.



Simpler controls will let you improve your offense and defense. With good timing you can unleash attacks with flashy visuals, allowing you to experience the thrill of the fight even more.


The engine that powers the Drive System is available as soon as the round begins, allowing you to fight to your liking. If you spend your entire Drive Gauge, you'll enter a burnout state with big disadvantages, but it also replenishes automatically, making meter management a key to the fight. Understanding the system in-depth, including when to be conservative and when to gamble, allows for deep, high-level battles.


Drive Gauge Cost×1

A powerful strike that can absorb an opponent’s incoming attack. Perform this on an opponent backed into the corner to induce a wall splat, even if they block the attack.

  • +

Drive Gauge CostConsumption

Automatically repel an opponent’s attack and replenish Drive when performed successfully. Perform a Perfect Parry by parrying just before an opponent’s attack hits you.

*Hold down

  • +

Drive Gauge Cost×2

Press two of the same button type instead of one when performing a special move to turn it into an Overdrive Art. These are the same attacks as EX Special Moves in past games.

*Ex. When Ryu performs an Overdrive Hadoken

  • ex. + +
  • +

Drive Gauge Cost×1 or×3

Perform a quick rush forward from a Drive Parry or a cancelable normal attack. Drive Rush from a parry costs 1 Drive Stock, while Drive Rush from a normal attack costs 3 Drive Stocks.

*From a Drive Parry stance or from a cancelable normal attack

Drive Gauge Cost×2

Perform a counterattack while blocking an opponent’s attack. The damage is low but can help you out of tight situations when you’re being pressured.

*While blocking

  • + +
  • +


Street Fighter 6 offers new control modes to play without the need to remember difficult command inputs, allowing players to enjoy the flow of battle. Players who are delving into the world of Street Fighter for the first time, or those who haven't touched a fighting game in years, can jump right into the fray. Of course, the traditional control type of the series is still available for players who enjoy it.

Modern Control Type

  • PlayStation
  • Xbox / PC
Allows you to perform special attacks with simple button combinations.
Designed for players who want to fight without memorizing and practicing special move button combinations first.

= Hold down the button

  • Throw
  • Assist
    + Attack RepeatedlyAssisted Combo
  • Drive Impact
  • Drive Parry
  • Light Attack
  • Special Move
  • Medium Attack
  • Heavy Attack
  • Hadoken with a single button!


  • Press left, down, or right and press the “Special Move” button to unleash a variety of special moves easily!


    Tatsumaki Senpu-kyaku







    High Blade Kick
  • Super Arts can also be performed easily!


    Shinku Hadoken


    Shin Hashogeki


    Shin Shoryuken
  • Assisted Combos! A New Wrinkle for the Modern Control TypePress the Assist button and an Attack button to unleash a flurry of attacks!

    =Hold down the button

    Assisted Combo 1LightLight
    Assisted Combo 2MediumMediumMedium
    Assisted Combo 3HeavyHeavyHeavyHeavy

Classic Control Type

  • PlayStation
  • Xbox / PC
The traditional 6 button layout that needs no introduction.
The standard control type for the series. Effective at high level play where complete control over your character is a must. Players can freely customize their button layout, allowing for a wide range of fighting styles.
  • Heavy Kick
    + Drive Impact
  • Heavy Punch
  • Light Punch
  • Medium Punch
  • Light Kick
    + Throw
  • Medium Kick
    + Drive Parry
    • +


    • +

    Tatsumaki Senpu-kyaku

    • +


    • +

    High Blade Kick

Dynamic Control Type

  • PlayStation
  • Xbox / PC
By pressing the Auto-Attack button, your character will automatically perform attacks and combos based on your position relevant to the opponent.
This is a great control type to use when you have friends and family over for a quick, casual game, or want to learn the basics of a character for the first time.
  • *This control type is limited to certain modes in Fighting Ground.
  • *Dynamic type cannot be used in online matches.
  • *Attack options other than Auto-Attack are available.
  • Unleash a combo at close range with a single button press!

  • The AI chooses a jump-in attack at mid-range!

  • Throw out projectiles and dashes at long range!


The commentators featured on the official Capcom Pro Tour plus other renowned personalities will commentate on your battles in real time. Get the pro player tournament experience as they comment on everything that happens during the fight. The commentators will also get more and more excited as the match heats up, and also deliver easy-to-understand explanations of the game, making it a great learning tool for beginners.


  • Kosuke Hiraiwa/ Japanese

    Kosuke Hiraiwa/ Japanese

    Esports commentator and former Asahi network announcer. After covering various fields such as the Koshien baseball series and other pro sports, he has made eSports his next destination. From in between covering everything from FPS to card games, he also finds the time to appear regularly on TV and also publish books.

  • Steve "TastySteve" Scott/ English

    Steve "TastySteve" Scott/ English

    One of the most genuine fighting game enthusiasts, and hyped human beings you'll ever meet. Over 10 years of commentating, including live television broadcasts, EVOs, and Capcom Pro Tour. As well as events all over the world!!

  • Aru/ Japanese

    Aru/ Japanese

    An eSports broadcasting pioneer with over 20 years of MC and commentary experience. Commentates on official Street Fighter events not just in Japan, but around the world. Currently works in Japan as an entertainer, appearing on TV shows, interviews, radio, and streams. Aru is keen to what's happening around the world and often imitates the catchphrases of other commentators from other countries, developing a strong bond with them. In the past he was known as a talented fighting game competitor and still keeps his competitive edge sharp.

  • Jeremy "Vicious" Lopez/ English

    Jeremy "Vicious" Lopez/ English

    As a lifetime Street Fighter fan, Jeremy “Vicious” Lopez has turned his passion for the game into a career, currently hosting and doing commentary for Street Fighter League as well as the Capcom Pro Tour. Vicious has also been known to step in for Sagat as his stunt double from time-to-time as they are nearly identical. Based out in Southern California, Vicious is an active streamer, commentator, and overall entertainer who always brings the energy no matter what the event.

Color Commentator



    Born on September 22, 2001, her debut was sparked by her capturing the crown at the 14th All Japan Beauty Contest Grand Prix, and was soon featured in several commercials. Afterwards, she began to be the talk of the country after her appearance in the NHK historical drama "Naotora: The Lady Warlord" and other shows. In addition to her work as an actress, she also regularly appears in fashion magazines, radio shows and TV shows spanning a variety of genres. She's one star to watch out for!

  • Thea Trinidad/ English

    Thea Trinidad/ English

    One of the top female wrestlers in the world, a top tier commentator, and an avid fighting game fan, Thea Trinidad brings her 10+ years of pro wrestling experience to the world of Street Fighter. When she’s not breaking bones inside the ring, you can find her putting in that work in the gym or at home on her favorite game. If you’re lucky to see her live, you may even spot her doing a ninja run or two!

  • His Excellency Demon Kakka/ Japanese

    His Excellency Demon Kakka(Devilish Artist)/ Japanese

    In 16BD (Before Demon, also known as 1983), he invaded the world as a songwriter for the demonic group known as Seikima-II. Since then, he has been a fixture in the consciousness of the media. In the year 5BD (also known as 1994), he won the grand prize for advertisement, appearing in commercials for Fujifilm's lens-equipped QuickSnap. His Excellency is currently working on collaborative efforts related to traditional Japanese arts. When he was a high school student, he presided over the "Kokugi Sumo Research Group." He was a special consultant for Waseda University's sumo club. In the Demon Year 24 (also known as... 2022), he plans to reunite with his Seikima-II members and reunite for the Black Mass tour, starting this autumn. ©️POWER PLAY MUSIC

  • James "jchensor" Chen/ English

    James "jchensor" Chen/ English

    One of the biggest Fighting Game enthusiasts you'll ever meet, self-proclaimed Fighting Game Historian, and commentator for the Street Fighter series for over a dozen years.


Turn on Character Damage and your character will sport battle damage on their bodies, faces and clothing during the course of battle. You can turn this option off if you choose.


Street Fighter 6 comes equipped with improved sound accessibility options. There are sound effects to indicate the distance between fighters, when attacks hit high, mid or low, for cross-up hits, as well as sound effects to indicate how full your various gauges are. Using this feature will help players understand what's happening in battle. You can also adjust other sound settings, so make sure to set things up to your liking before you start playing.